Ceramics… always present in my life since childhood. My grandfather was born in a ceramic factory in 1907 (see Miramar, a historic factory). I have been connected to ceramics forever.

In 1992 I ended my education as Superior Technician on Artistic Ceramics by the prestigious Manises Ceramics School.

Since 2003 I am in charge of the Artistic and Technical Direction at ARTELUX®, founded in 1969.

Contemporary Ceramics Plastic Art works reflect the personal expression of its creator, far away from all pre-established laws about functional ceramics.

Always moved by art investigating and keeps renovating constantly, the artist looks for a personal language through ceramics.

His work is transmitting a meaning, an emotion, a feeling being at the same time aesthetically balanced. His contribution for the purpose therefore, is part of the meaning of the concept art and beauty.”

Me, because I know him

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