Quart de Poblet (Valencia, Spain). 1971

Expert in artistic ceramics. School of ceramics (Manises, Spain).

Since 2004, artistic and technical director for the artistic tiling company Artelux® (founded in 1969).


2022 – 1st prize for Sculpture 51st Plastic Arts Competition. Quart de Poblet (Valencia).

XXV Unicaja Artcraft Fundation Award (Malaga). Finalist. Ceramics Category (among 136 woks presented, 8 selected on touring exhibition).

41º Concurs International de L´Alcora Annual Contest (Castellón). Selected (among 183 works, arrived from 26 countries, 38 selected).

83º International Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) 300 works of 16 nationalities were presented, in painting and sculpture, selected for the international exhibition in sculpture 22 works.

2021 – 1st Accésit 28º Sculpture Biennal.Meliana (Valencia).

91º La Rambla Intenational Ceramics Contest. La Rambla (Córdoba). Finalist Work in section "design and new shapes on ceramics" (among 83 works, 14 selected).

2020 –1rd Prize. XV National Ceramic Prize “Ciudad de Castellon”.

Selected piece for 40º International Contest of Ceramics in L’Alcora-CICA2020.Selected works. (196 works from 42 countries, 45 works selected).

2019 – II Special Jury Mention Award at the XX “Ciudad de Valladolid” Ceramic Contest IX International Encounter.

2018 - Special Jury Mention Award (Sculpture) at the Arts Festival, Quart de Poblet. Valencia.

2017 - LXXIV International Art Exhibition Competition “José Camarón”.

2016 - XIII National Ceramic Prize “Ciudad de Castellon” Contest. Finalist.

2015 - XII International Biennial of Ceramics. Manises. Selected works. (250 works from 40 countries, 60 works selected).

20th contest of ceramics "Ciudad de Valladolid" VII International meeting. Finalist.

2014 - 3rd Prize. 34th International contest of ceramics in L´alcora. (250 works from 31 countries, selected 39 works). 1 ° Prize sculpture XLIII plastic arts competition. Quart de Poblet.

2012 - "XI national ceramics Prize "city of Castellon" (selected) / LXIX international art competition "José Camarón" (finalist on international sculpture mode).

2011 - Special mention of the jury, XXI Galarsa award of sculpture. X Bienal Internacional de Ceramica.Manises. (Finalist work). 11th International Prize of CERCO contemporary ceramic. (Selected).Zaragoza.

2010 - Finalist (with 2 works). X national award of ceramics "Ciudad de Castellón". / Selected Project at XII exhibition contest of art Manolo Valdés.

2009 - 1st prize contemporary Ceramics. III plastic art biennial in Buñol. Group Q-D´Art. / LXVI "José Camarón" international art exhibition and competition. Segorbe. International sculpture section. XV ceramics contest of "Ciudad de Valladolid" II international meeting. Finalist.

2008 - 1st prize, XI Biennale of sculpture. Quart de Poblet. Group Q-D´Art. / Finalist. (IX) National prize of ceramics "Ciudad de Castellón". / 2nd Prize for sculpture. XXXVII plastic art contest. Quart de Poblet.

2006 - selected. Sculpture biennial. Quart de Poblet.

2005 - 1st prize sculpture section. XXXIV painting and sculpture contest. Quart de Poblet.

2000 - 1st prize of sculpture. XXIX sculpture and painting contest. Quart de Poblet.

1998 - 2nd prize of sculpture. XXVII plastic art contest. Quart de Poblet.

1994 - 1st prize corporeal ceramic section. XXIII painting and sculpture contest. Quart de Poblet.

1991 - 1st prize ceramic section corporeal. 20th plastic art contest.




2022 Palace of Villadonpardo (Jaén).

Cultural Center "La Confianza" Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real).

House of culture of Alcoy. Professor Antoni Miro.

Museum City of Denia. (Alicante).

L´Alcora Ceramics Museum. (Castellon)

2021 Ibi Toy Museum, (Alicante).

Museum, Paiporta (Valencia).

La Rambla Ceramics Museum (Córdoba).

Exhibition hall "el Lavadero" Chiva.

I.M.C. Meliana. Valencia.

Sala San Miguel, Caixa Castellón Foundation.

Olga Raro Cultural Center. Segorbe (Castellón).

2020 – L’Alcora Ceramics Museum.

Menador Cultural Espace, Castellon.

Aragon Handcrafts Center.

Quart de Poblet Culture House, Valencia.

2019 –Revilla House Valladolid, Spain.

2018 – Gandia Archaeological Museum (MAGA).

Menador Cultural Espace, Castellon.

Arts Festival, Quart de Poblet, Valencia.

LXXV International Art Exhibition Contest “José Camarón”.

Mural execution made of refractory stoneware for Artelux® at Cevisama XXXVI Edition. Valencia.

2017 - Davalos-Flecher Foundation. Castellon. Mural execution made of refractory stoneware for Artelux® at Cevisama XXXVI Edition. Valencia.

2016 - Creation of hand painted ceramic murals for Artelux® booth at XXXIV Cevisama International Exhibition. Valencia.

Coverings 2016 McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.USA.

Design & Creation of hand painted ceramic sign for the company operations warehouse & corporate offices in Miami. EMAC America LLC. Miami, USA.

2015 - "Maison & Objet" Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord (Paris, France). "Cersaie 2015" International Exhibition of Ceramics (Bologna, Italy). Room exhibition of the Revilla House (Valladolid, Spain). Filters Showroom (Manises, Valencia).

2014 - L´Alcora 34 ° International Ceramics Contest by l´Alcora Ceramics Museum. Exhibition tribute to Arcadi Blasco. National Museum Ceramic Gonzalez Marti. Valencia.

2013 - XXIII Awards ¨Autumn Villa¨ at Culture House in Chiva, Valencia. Cevisama 2013 International Ceramics Exhibition at Feria Valencia.

2012 - National Ceramic Museum Gonzalez Marti. "Vestiges, evolution and future of the Valencian ceramic artisan." Multidisciplinary collective exhibition Arteenred. Exhibition Hall of the Club Diario Levante. Caja Rural Castellón.

2012 / 2011 - Exhibition "Art and Poetry" Miguel Hernández at Castillo in Alaquas, Valencia.

2011 - Teruel Museum. / Ceramics School in Muel. / City Museum in Benicarló. / Culture House in Burjassot. / Culture House in Benimodo.

2010 - Multidisciplinary collective exhibition "all are transformed" Arteenred. Reales Atarazanas. Valencia / Cultural Center classrooms. Castellón. /Espace for art and decoration Sati-DeCo. Manises / Glass pavilion exhibition, in Valladolid / Exhibition Culture House in Quart de Poblet.

2009 - Salamanca 28 Gallery.Valencia / Fundación San Isidro. Caja Rural Castellón. / XI "Manolo Valdés" art exhibition Contest. Height. Group Q-D´Art. / XI Joseph Lapayese art contest (collective itinerant) Monreal del Campo, Daroca and Calamocha. Teruel.

2008 - Cultural Center classrooms. Castellón. / Exhibition "festes patronals" Manises. / Showroom (Quart de poblet).

2007 - Exhibition "els filters" (approved projects for ceramic sculpture, líne 5 MetroValencia). Group "3Terrisers".