Quart de Poblet (Valencia, Spain). 1971

Expert in artistic ceramics. School of ceramics (Manises, Spain).

Since 2004, artistic and technical director for the artistic tiling company Artelux® (founded in 1969).


2020 – L’Alcora Ceramics Museum.

Menador Cultural Espace, Castellon.

Aragon Handcrafts Center.

Quart de Poblet Culture House, Valencia.

2019 –Revilla House Valladolid, Spain.

2018 – Gandia Archaeological Museum (MAGA).

Menador Cultural Espace, Castellon.

Arts Festival, Quart de Poblet, Valencia.

LXXV International Art Exhibition Contest “José Camarón”.

Mural execution made of refractory stoneware for Artelux® at Cevisama XXXVI Edition. Valencia.

2017 - Davalos-Flecher Foundation. Castellon. Mural execution made of refractory stoneware for Artelux® at Cevisama XXXVI Edition. Valencia.

2016 - Creation of hand painted ceramic murals for Artelux® booth at XXXIV Cevisama International Exhibition. Valencia.

Coverings 2016 McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.USA.

Design & Creation of hand painted ceramic sign for the company operations warehouse & corporate offices in Miami. EMAC America LLC. Miami, USA.

2015 - "Maison & Objet" Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord (Paris, France). "Cersaie 2015" International Exhibition of Ceramics (Bologna, Italy). Room exhibition of the Revilla House (Valladolid, Spain). Filters Showroom (Manises, Valencia).

2014 - L´Alcora 34 ° International Ceramics Contest by l´Alcora Ceramics Museum. Exhibition tribute to Arcadi Blasco. National Museum Ceramic Gonzalez Marti. Valencia.

2013 - XXIII Awards ¨Autumn Villa¨ at Culture House in Chiva, Valencia. Cevisama 2013 International Ceramics Exhibition at Feria Valencia.

2012 - National Ceramic Museum Gonzalez Marti. "Vestiges, evolution and future of the Valencian ceramic artisan." Multidisciplinary collective exhibition Arteenred. Exhibition Hall of the Club Diario Levante. Caja Rural Castellón.

2012 / 2011 - Exhibition "Art and Poetry" Miguel Hernández at Castillo in Alaquas, Valencia.

2011 - Teruel Museum. / Ceramics School in Muel. / City Museum in Benicarló. / Culture House in Burjassot. / Culture House in Benimodo.

2010 - Multidisciplinary collective exhibition "all are transformed" Arteenred. Reales Atarazanas. Valencia / Cultural Center classrooms. Castellón. /Espace for art and decoration Sati-DeCo. Manises / Glass pavilion exhibition, in Valladolid / Exhibition Culture House in Quart de Poblet.

2009 - Salamanca 28 Gallery.Valencia / Fundación San Isidro. Caja Rural Castellón. / XI "Manolo Valdés" art exhibition Contest. Height. Group Q-D´Art. / XI Joseph Lapayese art contest (collective itinerant) Monreal del Campo, Daroca and Calamocha. Teruel.

2008 - Cultural Center classrooms. Castellón. / Exhibition "festes patronals" Manises. / Showroom (Quart de poblet).

2007 - Exhibition "els filters" (approved projects for ceramic sculpture, líne 5 MetroValencia). Group "3Terrisers".




2020 –1rd Prize. XV National Ceramic Prize “Ciudad de Castellon”.

Selected piece for 40º International Contest of Ceramics in L’Alcora-CICA2020.Selected works. (196 works from 42 countries, 45 works selected).

2019 – II Special Jury Mention Award at the XX “Ciudad de Valladolid” Ceramic Contest IX International Encounter.

2018 - Special Jury Mention Award (Sculpture) at the Arts Festival, Quart de Poblet. Valencia.

2017 - LXXIV International Art Exhibition Competition “José Camarón”.

2016 - XIII National Ceramic Prize “Ciudad de Castellon” Contest. Finalist.

2015 - XII International Biennial of Ceramics. Manises. Selected works. (250 works from 40 countries, 60 works selected).

20th contest of ceramics "Ciudad de Valladolid" VII International meeting. Finalist.

2014 - 3rd Prize. 34th International contest of ceramics in L´alcora. (250 works from 31 countries, selected 39 works). 1 ° Prize sculpture XLIII plastic arts competition. Quart de Poblet.

2012 - "XI national ceramics Prize "city of Castellon" (selected) / LXIX international art competition "José Camarón" (finalist on international sculpture mode).

2011 - Special mention of the jury, XXI Galarsa award of sculpture. X Bienal Internacional de Ceramica.Manises. (Finalist work). 11th International Prize of CERCO contemporary ceramic. (Selected).Zaragoza.

2010 - Finalist (with 2 works). X national award of ceramics "Ciudad de Castellón". / Selected Project at XII exhibition contest of art Manolo Valdés.

2009 - 1st prize contemporary Ceramics. III plastic art biennial in Buñol. Group Q-D´Art. / LXVI "José Camarón" international art exhibition and competition. Segorbe. International sculpture section. XV ceramics contest of "Ciudad de Valladolid" II international meeting. Finalist.

2008 - 1st prize, XI Biennale of sculpture. Quart de Poblet. Group Q-D´Art. / Finalist. (IX) National prize of ceramics "Ciudad de Castellón". / 2nd Prize for sculpture. XXXVII plastic art contest. Quart de Poblet.

2006 - selected. Sculpture biennial. Quart de Poblet.

2005 - 1st prize sculpture section. XXXIV painting and sculpture contest. Quart de Poblet.

2000 - 1st prize of sculpture. XXIX sculpture and painting contest. Quart de Poblet.

1998 - 2nd prize of sculpture. XXVII plastic art contest. Quart de Poblet.

1994 - 1st prize corporeal ceramic section. XXIII painting and sculpture contest. Quart de Poblet.

1991 - 1st prize ceramic section corporeal. 20th plastic art contest.